A short introduction

The interdisciplinary dance film project Point Taken is an initiative of the Dutch Media Fund and the Performing Arts Fund working in collaboration with public service broadcaster NTR and Cinedans – Dance On Screen. The first annual edition took place 2010. Each edition enables the making of four to five short dance films by partnerships of choreographers and filmmakers living in the Netherlands. Each of these original dance films is the product of equal and combined forces, and none of them are recordings of existing work. The Point Taken films have their premiere at the annual Cinedans – Dance on Screen festival in Amsterdam and then broadcast on national television by NTR. Following this broadcast, the films are screened at numerous festivals and events around the world.

Origins and aims

Point Taken was set up to give new impetus to dance film in the Netherlands. It seeks to maximise the synergy between the two disciplines of dance and film, and therefore ensures that, right from the outset, the choreographer-filmmaker pairings work on their film plans in close conjunction. Through Point Taken, choreographers and filmmakers alike gain new insights into dance film as a genre and into their own field. The project also brings broader international attention to Dutch dance film and participating filmmakers, choreographers and dancers.

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