Evolution of Species (2011)

An aimless but curious group of youngsters slip through a gate that happens to have been left open, and they find themselves on a construction site for Amsterdam’s North-South metro line. A parcours starts that brings them to a crescendo of new perspectives on themselves and companions.

“Dance is such a powerful language that it is equally at home with a narrative or abstract filmic approach, making it possible to create an entirely unique world. And for someone as edit-minded as myself, that part of the process was an absolute joy.”

Esther Rots

Director, scenario, editor, music Dan Geesin & Esther Rots Choreografie Melissa Ellberger Dancers Jakob Witte, Jorijn Vriesendorp, Marthe Weijers, Philip van Ees, Pieter Timmer, Romain Touron Frontman Job Cornelissen Construction workers Dirk Weij, Johan Krijger, Rob van Dijk, Sjon Looij, Tani Geurkens, Yvar Stout Production manager Noortje Wilschut Camera Martijn van Broekhuizen Sound Victor Horstink Art director Vanessa Vermolen Costume design Heleen Out Asistant production manager Leonne Broekema Set assistant Martijn de Graaf Production assistant Rianne Poodt, Mark Lolkema Focus PullerPancsi Puts Data handler Suraj ‘Paco’ Kumar, Artyom Zakharenko Camera & light assistant Hayo van Gemert Art assistant Thijs Beuker, Tjakko Blaauw Stunt guide Nicolas De Pruyssenaene Safety diver Stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer Safety boat Elwin Looije EHBO on set Peter Le Fevre Insurance AON Camera equipment Camera Rentals Light equipment Singel Sound mix Studio Le Roy Editing facilities Rots Filmwerk Assistent editor Niels Koopman Postproduction AVP Colorist György Balatoni Production Cinedans Janine Dijkmeijer Production NTR Colette Melsen Commisioning editor NTR Joost van Krieken Producer Floor Onrust Special thanks to Mike’s Bike, MJ De Nijs en Zonen BV, Jan van Ess, Theo Spaans, Bart Hogendorp, Noord Zuid Lijn, Manon Raats, Gaby Kho Thanks to Nike, Puma, Reebok, Ton Sluijter, Gemeente Amsterdam, Rob Duijvis, Waternet, Jan Postma, Maria Helmers, De figuranten.