One False Move (2011)

One False Move playfully explores our contemporary globalized society, which is putting pressure on the notion of ‘identity’. A not-so-young stewardess misses her flight and has to stay behind in a world unknown to her. A series of disturbing, amusing, intimidating and romantic situations leads to her ill-fated death.


“What’s so remarkable about Point Taken is that it’s simultaneously a fully satisfying televisual experience and an open arena for experimentation – and not just for dance on television but on film, too. Thanks to Point Taken (and its predecessor 4TokenS!) I’ve been able to situate dance in different contexts and explore the boundaries of choreography and staging, allowing me to develop my own signature as an artist.”

Clara van Gool


Through making the short film One False Move I found a movement language that alternates everyday movements, stylisation and dance. Clara van Gool and I were able to develop the scenario during the rehearsal period on location, which enabled us to find an organic and compelling motive for the choreography, meaning it never looked like a preconceived form even though there was some extreme behaviour. It was a challenge to translate the idea about ‘the Werdegangof a stewardess’ into a unique form is such a short time.”

Ria Marks


Director Clara van Gool Scenario Clara van Gool & Ria Marks Casting & choreography Ria Marks The stewardess Ria Marks Man on bike Jochem Stavenuiter Fired businessman Jakop Ahlbom Homeless man Rene Geerlings Blue crew Annica Muller, Helene Binder, Carla Behal, Floor Rolf, Gonca Karasu, Karlijn Hamer PilotTitus Tiel Groenestege Red crew Marieke Dermul, Anastaciia Liubchencko, Wies Fest, Eva Kylstra, Muck van Empel,Yannick Greweldinger Schoolgirls Lieve de Putter, Romane de Putter, Sophie Post Hotel receptionists Ikue Konishi,Takeo Katayama Soldiers Mattho Mandersloot, Bert Meutstege, Coen Soepboer Man with dog and driver Paul van der Laan Director of photography Nils Post 2nd camera Jean Counet Gaffer Giel Born electrician Niek Koot Focus pullers Daniel Jaspers, Niels Roosendaal Data handling Tim Thuis Sound recording Jac Vleeshouwers Production designer Marco Rooth Director Anne Mevissen Costume designer Carin Eilers Additional costume designer Marina van der Heiden Assistant to costume designer Lorena Dekkers Make up Trudy Buren 1st assistant director Anielle Webster Script continuity Annelien Nijland Set assistants Tamar Petiet, Remi Walsarie, Sytse Kuilman Catering Cuisine & Prak Editing Stefan Kamp Sound design Alex Booy Music Michel Banabila Colour grading Petro van Leeuwen Visual effects supervisor Klaas Rowaan Compositor Jairo Bambang Oetomo Camera equipment Cam- A-Lot Light equipment Lux & Co Legal affairs Denkk Juristen Project administration Arie Bos Fd Assistant to the producer Kim Timmermans Additional Production Manager Maarten van der Ven Production NTR Colette Melsen Production manager Rosan Boersma Line producer José van Doorn Commissioning editor NTR Joost van Krieken Producer KeyFilm (Hanneke Niens & Hans de Wolf) With thanks to Janine Dijkmeijer, Titus Tiel Groenestege, Esther Benten, Wouter Nijhof, Birgit Boersma, Constant Meijers, Jos de Putter, Wink de Putter, Josien Galama, Pop, David Meijers, Danitsja Koster, Mohammed Sjah, Carine Bijlsma, Yvette Jansen, Michelle Bloem, Michiel de Kloet, Gerrie Henderiks, Judith Huizing, Ingrid Kuijpers, Golden Palace, John van de Werken, Alles voor de Kunsten, StudioAmstel, Escape, RAI Amsterdam.